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2011 Field Trial Rules

The Editor

I assume that I am not alone in trying to determine the changes that have been made in the 2011 Field Trial Rule Book so I thought it might be of some assistance to your readers if I set out my findings.

Some changes are more in the area of housekeeping or minor clarifications or additions. Other additions have been inserted by the CKC Board and apply to all Rule Books [Sec. 2.4.3, 2.4.4, 2.6].

The CKC Board also agreed to National stake rule changes as requested by the NRCC [secs. 13.1.2, 13.2.1(c)].

Changes that might be seen as more major include: on the administrative side (sec. 6.6.3 - the draw; 8.1.2 – disruptive dogs; 11.1.3 – AKC dogs eligibility).

Other major changes on the trial procedure and judging are:sec 15.3.3 (c) - retired guns; sec 15.3.3 (f) – diversion shots or gunners; sec 15.3.3(j) – test dogs; sec 16.1.8(d)-returning to an old fall.

Some clarifications or modifications in the Classification of Faults sections are: Sec 17.1.1 that now clarifies that the listed faults are for general guidance only and secs. 17.3.1 (i) & (n) and sec 17.4.1 all of which are self-explanatory.

Other relatively minor changes or modifications can be found by the diligent reader - such as in sec 1.1 definition of “good standing”.

In hopes that this is of assistance,

Bob Harman

PS As the final format of the rule book was not available when the index was prepared some of the pages noted in the index are out by a page but, I think, all of the section numbers are correct.






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