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Amendment to the US Rules for Retriever Field Trials

The following is a recent amendment to the US  Rules for Retriever Field Trials which may be of interest to those running all-age stakes in the US.

VOTE ON PROPOSAL NO. 4               FOR: 54


Proposed Provision for Qualifications of Canadian Kennel Club Registered Retrievers

*Comment: *It has been suggested to the Rules Committee that a provision covering the qualifications of Canadian Kennel Club registered retrievers should be added to the rules. We agree but believe that the standard for such qualifications should be as simple to administer as possible.

Proposal No. 5

Add to Chapter 14, Rules for Retriever Field Trials, Section 10 the following paragraph at the end of the current Section 10: Any retriever registered with the Canadian Kennel Club who has been awarded a Canadian Field Championship or a Canadian Amateur Field Championship shall be qualified to participate in any AKC licensed or member retriever field trial stake, including any Open All-Age, Limited All-Age, Special All-Age or Restricted All-Age Stake or any Amateur All-Age Stake subject to the additional requirements of an Owner-Handler Amateur All-Age Stake provided that the Canadian registered dog has satisfied the requirements for admission to the all-age stake in question by achieving the required level of success in either Canadian trials or AKC trials in the same fashion as required for AKC registered dogs. Subject to Chapter 8, Sections i & 2."

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