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JUNE 5, 1938    to    JUNE 5, 2013
(Recollection courtesy of Betty Goodwin)

Fay Allan was a long time member of the B. C. Gun Dog Club.  She gave countless hours and contributed greatly to the vibrant trial giving club it once was and was instrumental in keeping ‘B. C. Gun’ an entity these past years as many of the long time, faithful members have succumbed to age. 

The B.C.G.D.C. is the second oldest trial giving club in North America, second only to a club on the East coast of the USA, who preceded the B.C. trial by just a few months. B.C. Gun’s first trial was held in 1936.

Fay has worked passionately for over 35 years as a member of B.C. Gun. Lawrie Allan introduced her to retrievers, Trials and all the colorful individuals who make up the owners, trainers, and supporters of the sport, when they started dating in the late 70’s.  She integrated quickly into the sport and became a dependable, practical and organized worker for the club. She was a ‘package’ deal and brought with her, sons, Russ, Chris and Brad, potential throwers who were hired, conscripted, or Shanghaied (depending on viewpoint)

Fay was elected to the Club’s treasurer’s position in 1982/83 and held that position, uninterrupted, until her death. She was a formidable guardian of the vault and fearlessly questioned and argued against expenditures she felt were frivolous or unnecessary. Fay was always her own person, opinionated, and outspoken. She talked with everyone and anyone,knew their names, their history within or without the club and most often a bit of personal history as well. Her closest friends were Trialers. She never ran a dog, (couldn’t blow a whistle to save her soul) but until Lawrie’s passing she was there to watch her favorites and talk to other supporters watching theirs. She and Lawrie traveled around B.C and Alberta with their young dogs, enjoying the camaraderie and the hospitality of other clubs.

Fay was special----she was a loyal, tireless champion of BCGDC’s activities, putting hours of work into picnic trials, turkey shoots and two Licensed Trials each year. All the while she was fighting ever increasing joint pain and mobility issues of severe arthritis. She never whined or complained----she just did it!  She could have been the inspiration for the NIKE ad; ‘Just Do It’. Fay took on the jobs of looking after ribbon ordering, judges’ gifts, prizes/trophies as well as making lunches, judges’ dinner arrangements and accommodation needs. She trudged the dykes of Pitt Meadows on Trial weekends until physically, she no longer could. 

It is not hard to see why Fay was so special! Together Lawrie and Fay were passionate about the dogs and their breeding’s, the Trials, the people, the B. C. Gun Dog Club in particular and about keeping the sport alive in general.

Lawrie, the quiet one, often said, “Fay and I are a good Team. I make the bullets and Fay fires them.”

In memory of Fay and Lawrie and to honour their commitment to the sport and the B.C. GUN DOG CLUB, there will be a gathering of the B.C. Gun Dog Club members past, present and lifetime, at the Logan Lake Trial. Time and place to be agreed upon.

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